The Goal of My Practice

My goal is to provide homeopathic healthcare in a safe and supportive setting and to work in partnership with my clients to restore health and well-being. I believe that health is more than an absence of disease. Well-being is a state of balance or alignment in body, mind and spirit. In this state we feel content; connected to purpose, people and community; peaceful and energized; resilient and safe. In short we are flourishing.

My Philosophy of Care

My philosophy of care is based on the principle that each of us is endowed with an innate healing power and that homeopathy acts as a catalyst restoring health.

  • I strive to empower people to take care of themselves and their loved ones and to achieve a greater sense of well-being on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
  • I provide individualized homeopathic care that is focused on the unique needs of each person.
  • I work in partnership with you to address your health concerns.

What Happens When You Visit a Homeopath

View this video to find out what happens when you consult with a professional certified homeopath — like Liz Breadon.


Initial Consultation

The initial homeopathic consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes. My goal is to get a deep understanding of your state of health. Because illness represents a disharmony of the whole person, the interview focuses on physical, emotional and mental levels as well as family history. Much like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle to see the complete picture, I take all the information you share with me to find a remedy most suitable for your unique needs.

Follow-up Visits

The first follow-up visit lasts for approximately 45 minutes and is scheduled approximately 4 weeks after you start your remedy. Additional follow-up visits are important as they help me to evaluate how you are responding to the remedy and determine if any adjustments are required. The length and frequency of these visits are dictated by the individual needs of each client.

Acute Care Consultations

Acute care consultations are short (20 minute) appointments to identify a homeopathic remedy to speed healing of a specific condition such as cold, flu, earache, cough, nausea. While “over-the-counter” homeopathic remedies are available in many drugstores for simple acute illnesses, many professional homeopaths have found that individualized treatment is more effective and more deep acting.


Office visits are scheduled on Monday through Wednesday between 9 am and 4 pm by appointment only. Saturday and evening appointments may be arranged upon request. If you are unable to travel to my office or live at a distance, I am available for phone or Skype consultations.

Fee Schedule


Initial Consultation (11/2 – 2 hours)                        $ 150.00

Therapeutic Focus (45 minutes)                            $ 125.00

Follow-up Consultation (45 minutes)                     $  75.00

Brief Consult for Existing Client (20 minutes)        $  35.00



All consultations require an appointment be made in advance. In an emergency, clients should call their primary care physician or go to the emergency room at their local hospital.


To cancel without charge you must notify me by phone or email at least one business day (24 hours) prior to your scheduled appointment.


Full payment by cash or check is expected at the time of each visit.


Most insurance companies do not cover homeopathic care. However, homeopathic care is often reimbursable from clients’ Flexible Spending Accounts.


In accordance with our code of ethics, the information you share with me is held in strictest confidence. Your information will not be disclosed to anyone without your written permission, except where disclosure is required by law.

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