Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello. My name is Liz Breadon. I am a Boston-based certified classical homeopath with decades of experience as a health care professional. I have a reputation for providing empathic and effective health care to people through all stages of their lives. I have many years of experience as a physical therapist working with people of all ages — from children who are visually impaired or have multiple disabilities to elderly individuals recovering from stroke. Over the course of my career I developed an appreciation of the need to address the whole person in the process of healing — which is what led me to the study of homeopathy. I am a graduate of the Teleosis Homeopathic School in Newton, Massachusetts. I am certified in Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) which is a cross-disciplinary approach to improving function in adults and children with neurological disorders. I am committed to ongoing professional development and seek to utilize my diverse skills and experience to guide and support my clients in their quest for wellness. I am actively involved in educating the community on how to use homeopathy for simple first-aid and self-care; and I support organizations such as the Sidewalk Clinic in Boston and Homeopaths Without Borders in Haiti to provide homeopathic care to under-served populations at home and internationally.


I have found Liz to be a very thorough and skilled professional in the field of homeopathy. Combining extensive experience, skill, and intuition, she provided me with the remedy and resources I needed to move past a painful period following major surgery recently. My physical and emotional situations improved greatly while I was working with Liz, and they continue forward today. I strongly recommend Liz Breadon for homeopathic care.
N.D. Boston

I sought help for interstitial cystitis. Liz was patient, listened to my countless ailments and really tried to understand everything I was feeling and experiencing. She recommended a homeopathic remedy that started to help within two weeks. I could feel the difference — I can’t tell you what a relief it was to start feeling normal again. I am now eight months out and feel almost no signs of my IC. This really is a testament to my help from Liz. She is a wonderful resource, teacher, and homeopath and will work with you to best treat any ailments you may be experiencing.
K.M. Boston

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